Plagiarism is somewhat popular nowadays. Plagiarism is one of the first things that teachers or professors taught their students, yet it is still one of the biggest issues when it comes to academics. Some do not even know that they are stealing other people’s work or ideas. Plagiarism is a precarious act to school, especially with their careers. As society moves forward, technology advances, the plagiarism rate is getting higher and higher. People need to understand what plagiarism is, another interpretation seems to suggest that mostly these young students are impacted by their credibility, besides that, and there are also ways to prevent plagiarism.

According to Jackson State community college, “Plagiarism, cheating and other forms of academic dishonesty are prohibited. Students guilty of academic misconduct, either directly or indirectly, through participation or assistance, are immediately responsible to the instructor of the class.

In addition to other possible disciplinary sanctions, which may be imposed through the regular institutional procedures, as a result of academic misconduct, the instructor has the authority to assign an “F” or a zero for the exercise or examination, or to assign an “F” in the course.” In their definition of plagiarism, they emphasize that all of their students should already be aware of plagiarism.

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“Never compromise your integrity of risk your future by submitting the words of a professional or other student as your own.” (Glenn & Gray, Hodges Harbrace Handbook, 7th Ed., pp. 546-47).” “The Oxford defines plagiarism as using someone else’s words and ideas and presenting them as your own without providing a proper acknowledgment in the writing.”

Plagiarism checker- plagiarism from a teacher’s point of view, says that professors can easily recognize when their students are plagiarizing through their wording, their grammar, and also the way they wrote their paper.

The new generation, the youth has a different perspective toward plagiarism; these young student thinks that plagiarism is not as bad as people make it seem or that online plagiarism is less severe than similar offenses using printed sources. The younger generation, who use the internet more often, has a different morality (Selwyn).

Their lack of awareness without proper citation is a common motive when it comes to plagiarism. “In a survey of over 63,000 undergraduate students in the United States, 36 percent admit to copying sentences without proper citation, 14 percent self-reported fabricating a bibliography, and 7 percent of undergraduate students admitted they have turned in whole works completely done by another person.”

When students go to college, they try to do their best and build their credibility for them to get a better job in the future. By plagiarism, they will jeopardize their credibility and all the effort that they put in as a student. It will also make it difficult for them to get into a different university or a job.

When students plagiarize, they are only cheating unto themselves by avoiding the opportunity to learn the process and the lessons that you will probably need for them to be successful in the future. If a student uses other peoples’, they are not helping themselves, they see plagiarism as their “way out”. In real life, there is no such thing as your “way out” or “answer key”.

Plagiarizing does not only hurt students who plagiarize, but also their professors since they spent hours explaining and learning the topic. Learning how to prevent plagiarism is not just about fairness- it’s about getting the most out of education. Therefore, understanding and learning how to prevent plagiarism and know the proper citation is relevant.

There are many ways to prevent plagiarism like paraphrasing- it is important that when they gather their right information with them, make sure that they use their words. When they use two same words together, they need to put a quotation mark in it. Citing their work is also one of the most effective ways to prevent plagiarism.

Even the smallest sentences can ruin their entire paper when caught plagiarizing. Always check the paper to make sure that they are not plagiarized. When they are doing their research, it is important to take notes and keep track of all the information that you have and the sources, because that is one way that students commit plagiarism by simply forgetting where they got those ideas and not giving that person some credits that they deserve. Some students tend to plagiarize because of their poor time management and their lack of organization. Sometimes it helps them when teachers discuss the importance or value of their topic and knowledge that they will gain from doing that paper.

When they look up the definition of plagiarism, they all look the same like: “stealing other people’s work”. Plagiarism is more than what they think it is. Plagiarizing could ruin your entire career when caught cheating. It could affect peoples’ integrity and credibility.
Imagine if everyone plagiarized. We could never identify who came up with those ideas.